Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good feelings:

-waking up to the sound of heavy rain
-crossing the finish line
-coming home after a long day
-peeling off cold, wet clothes and changing into dry ones
-being a part of an undefeated track team

(14-0, if you were curious)

5 amusing musings:

Grace said...

Wow, great for you guys! I like rain to an extent, too, but sometimes it just depresses me. :/

That Blond Guy said...

Wow, that's actually really impressive. Unless you were racing people no legs. Which is really just unfair.

These really were all good feelings. I love the rain. I just don't understand how it depresses people. I guess I'm so unexplainably depressed all the time that when rains comes around, I go into a sort of negative depression that manages to resemble happiness.

Ash said...

Amen to all of them. I love being inside and just watching and listening to rain, 'specially if I'm in bed. So awesome, and I don't even really know why.

Mack said...

Congratulations! That's a huge accomplishment. :)

I love listening to the rain, because it makes me feel warm, but not running/being in it (referring to my former track days- haha sorry I'm still very sentimental about it & I love when you blog about it). Just sitting in the rain seems miserable, but playing in it is amazing. I think there's something metaphorical to life in there. :)

Oh, & I love that sound clip!

alex said...

Amazing feelings!
Rain never fails to make me happy.

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