Sunday, February 26, 2012

I am so happy. Regardless of recent circumstances, I am the happiest I have been in a while.

Will came over yesterday, after many failed attempts to contact my friends, with whom I haven't hung out in quite a while. I suggested we go out to my local Thai restaurant: vegetarian-friendly and extremely delicious. As my mom dropped us off in the parking lot, my heart sank as I looked over to see the car of one of the very friends I had been trying to get in touch with all day, Lynn. She was still in it, slouching in her seat. I like to think that I have a natural tendency to believe that people aren't malicious or sneaky, so I ran up to the side of her car to say hello. She was in it with a "tertiary" friend of mine, and explained that she was waiting for Melanie and Adriana to go to the same Thai restaurant. Will and I ran in, and as we began eating our salad I turned to see that they had driven away. To avoid confrontation, Will later explained. I don't ever like to admit to him if his more cynical point of view is correct.

He fed me sweet words to make me feel better and we shared plates of pineapple fried rice and tofu in brown sauce. We then ran across the street to a favorite coffee shop of mine for hot chocolate. Mine was mint-flavored. There happened to be a small musical performance going on when we arrived, so we happily listened to the soulful Adele covers and guitar ballads until closing time.

We went back to my house and watched Parks and Recreation until my dad suggested (for the first time) that he sleep over, because his family was away in Philadelphia for the weekend. He slept on my downstairs couch, and I knew that if I went down to see him I would get in big trouble. Eventually I snuck down our creaky stairs around 3:30 in the morning to ease myself with warm milk, a remedy my mom always suggests. I invited him into the kitchen for some and we shared memories until the cold linoleum chilled our feet.

Happy, happy.


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Miss Angie said...

Ahh, he sounds like a lovely friend (or more?)

I'm sorry about your friends, it makes my heart hurt when people act like that.

Jillian said...

Will sounds like a lovely guy.
It's always so painful when people avoid you.
I was a bit sad about something like that today, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding.
Milk and cold linoleum. I like that.

Grace said...

Sounds like a great guy! I always hate when you run into people like that. :(

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