Saturday, March 31, 2012

a guide to being alone:

  • the media center cubicles are a good place to eat lunch, but you have to be really quiet or else you might get yelled at. or softly chided at. either are unpleasant.
  • after school, practice music or painting or anything that interests you
  • observe everything. make up stories
  • leave notes for other people that are alone
  • bring a small book to read everywhere you go. open up to a page when faced with a potential social situation.
  • quietly talk to yourself. have inside jokes with yourself. become your own best friend.
  • you don't need anybody


3 amusing musings:

Christopher said...

Kay, if I knew you in real life, I bet I'd want you to be my best friend.

Miss Angie said...

How sad. :( I agree with Christopher, we'd be friends!

Grace said...

You seem awesome; I definitely think we'd get along! Definitely know this feeling, though. :(

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