Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tonight my dad and brother and I went out on an evening drive. I liked having the opportunity to leisurely go down any unexplored street that piqued my curiosity. My dad explained that most of the people living on the 40 year-old developments were older folk who had moved there in the 70's, had kids, and never left after they grew up and moved away. I thought about the families who had once lived there a half a generation before me, and the children who went to the carnival every year and had a best friend on Sport Hill Road and roamed the halls of my high school with cigarette smoke laced between their teeth.
I said it was kind of sad. Dad said it's very human.

I had my first track meet of the season yesterday. I'm proud of myself for running the half-mile on a whim as well as the mile. It was fun and I guess I did well despite my sickness. Today was definitely a day to stay home, though.


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Miss Angie said...

What an interesting thing to ponder. Indeed, very human.

Congrats on the track meet!

Grace said...

Totally know that feeling; there's a neighborhood a lot like that by me. Love going for random drives like that!

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