Friday, June 15, 2012

School's almost over.

Will and I went on a run after we finished today's finals. We sat in the grass for a little while and listened to Cat Power and Bright Eyes. He started to cry a little bit.

"I don't know, man. For some reason I feel like this is the end."

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Things that have been making me happy lately:


going bike riding

eating fruit

listening to rain


having stimulating conversations

the feeling of closure


high school

is almost over

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I just came back from a bike ride with my younger brother. We pedaled to the farm and made friends with some horses and a billy goat. A childhood friend waved hello from the window of a white station wagon. Now I'm home and eating strawberries with honey (to try and combat my allergies) and mango iced tea. I want to jump into a clear, cold body of water.

This is my happy place.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

So I just came back from college orientation.

It was what I expected. Possibly worse. Possibly better. Either way, I'm content.

Almost everyone was at orientation by themselves. Making friends was really easy if I took a small bit of initiative  to say hello and ask someone where they were from. It made me wonder if making friends could be this painless in an environment where everybody knew each other already. Probably not. We were all a little vulnerable by ourselves, and quick to cling to company. But who knows.

I befriended a nice handful of people. We spent Saturday night at the student center. We sat down at a table to play Cranium, but just ended up talking for an hour or two. We tossed around shallow topics and discussed the possibility of walking into town. After we were ushered back to the cramped dorm rooms where we were staying, my roommate and I were invited to reunite with the two boys and girl we had spent the majority of the night talking to. We sat on creaky beds and talked about sex and getting drunk and dumb jokes until two in the morning. I knew I was capable of much more intelligent conversation, but it was fun. If they were in my high school, I knew we would never be on conversational terms. But they all seemed to think I was a real hoot.

It was an adventure.

I also want to find someone who's more like myself: a lazy intellectual who loves people and art and talking about things that aren't shallow.

I'll keep you updated.

Also, I got an awesome henna tattoo. I spy a new hobby in the near future.


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