Friday, July 6, 2012

Today I bought a yellow mug and package of ibuprofen. I had three coffees. All from different places.

I've been working at the Girl Scout day camp I went to when I was a child. The girls call me Bandana, and I teach them songs and start their box stitches for them.

There is not a single person there that I dislike.

I'm acquiring a penchant for one-piece bathing suits and things with moons on them.

Will's in North Carolina and I miss him a lot.

This has been a brief update.

2 amusing musings:

Christopher said...

I've missed your blog.

Ibuprofen is my Jesus.

Also I'm sorry about Will being away. That's hard. I left Atlanta for a month, got back, had three days with my girlfriend, and then she left for France for another month. Right when she gets back, I leave for Alaska.

Is that song really about you? That's really really cool. I think you've posted a link to that guy's website before. Very cool. I'll check some more of it out.

Congrats on graduating and turning 18. That's big.

Grace said...

That's so fun that you work at Girl Scout Camp...always wanted to do that! And the song about you is really good!

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