Thursday, August 23, 2012

I miss writing. I miss the right words coming to me in a beautiful, babbling stream.

This is what moving away to college is like.

You pack things that you think are important: pictures, pillows, your favorite ring.

You leave behind your dogs and the creaks in your mattress and the writing on your wall and promise them that you'll come back soon. You'll see them again.

I'm in a hotel outside of Burlington. It's warm and a little rainy. Tomorrow I'm moving in at 8:00. I'll meet my roommate, get a key, and eventually say goodbye.

I said goodbye to William this morning. It was quick and hopeful. Last night when I went to visit him I was a mess of tears and hiccups. He later told me that I was breaking his heart.

2 amusing musings:

Christopher said...

Is this why you've been sad? :(

I'm sorry.

Things will get better. I think life is a good thing. Especially if you find the right way to live it--like looking up at the sky a lot. And breathing and eating hot pancakes.

But I'm sorry you're sad.

Just to let you know, your blog is like my favorite thing on the internet. I love your words.

Please don't stop writing.

Kassandrah said...

i concur

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