Sunday, October 7, 2012

Last weekend, I took a long bus ride down to New York City to see Will. Being there felt like home. Even though I have no permanent ties to the city itself, something about it makes me so comforted and inspired. 

I met Will at Grand Central's main concourse, and I began to cry the moment he came up behind me and slipped his arm around my waist. I wondered about what we looked like to the people around us. Another beautiful story in the most beautiful city; a girl and a boy in love finally reunited.

I stayed with him in his dorm room, and it felt lovely to wake up with him by my side.

We spent Saturday evening exploring downtown. We ate at an Italian restaurant in Little Italy with tasty bread. For dessert, we bought the pastries whose names we couldn't pronounce and ate them in Grand Central after we missed our train.

On my bus ride back home, there was a girl behind me talking to her friend on the phone, saying some of the most lovely things I had ever heard. When she left the bus, I handed her a note that said "I think you're beautiful," with my address scrawled on the bottom. She wrote her phone number on my hand, and we've been texting all week. 

I feel inspired again. Things have been good.


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