Monday, November 12, 2012

I don't think that there are any "special" people.

There are ordinary people who do special things.

That means that everyone has the potential to be interesting or extraordinary, and I like that.

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Julianne said...

That's a lovely sentiment. I like that idea a lot.

Mac Rich said...

I'm a big fan of this possibility. :) Thanks for sharing.

Christopher said...

I think that people are brownies, and the more you eat the more you meet.

But I agree with above comments.

Christopher said...

I got your post card.

And would like to reply, but I couldn't make out the return address.

I do like the design.

Jillian said...

I like that too. So much. It's comforting.

Christopher said...

(P.S. So you should send me your address.)


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