Friday, March 1, 2013

I want a boy to lie with me under my floral comforter and let me kiss his neck.

I want a box of camel crush cigarettes.

I want a pet rat named Cinnamon.

I want to wear my canvas sneakers with the holes in them.

I want to drunkenly kiss a girl in a dingy basement.

I want to take LSD and listen to Washed Out.

I want to buy a disposable camera and only take pictures when I'm not sober.

I want to wear an old college sweatshirt from a school that I don't go to.

I want to have a serious conversation about love while sitting in a beanbag chair.

I want to feel like I don't need you anymore.

2 amusing musings:

Miss Angie said...

All lovely things.

Rats make fantastic pets.

xhannahxrocksx said...

Way to be your own Stargirl.

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